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About us

MechaRock International Consultants is an association of engineering consultants and experts around the world sharing their experience and numerical tools in the field of modelling and design of civil engineering structures, geotechnical and mining projects in rock formations and petroleum geomechanics.

The design and construction of roads in mountainous areas, tunnels and dams and also the design of open-pit mines poses many problems of stability of fractured rock. MechaRock is specialized in analysis and numerical modelling of fractured rocks to improve safety and reducing the cost of projects in these formations.

The analysis of wellbore stability in petroleum engineering passes through modelling the mechanical behaviour of rock formations. Preliminary study of the wellbore stability allows optimising wellbore design and safety and saving significantly time and money.

MRIC works on issues requiring a high degree of technical knowledge on mechanical behaviour of rock formations. Geotechnical design in rock formations needs deep knowledge of rock discontinuities, fractures and joints, that determine the rock stability.

MechaRock uses high capacities of numerical modelling and uses specific tools that allow taking fully into account rock fracture. To carry out these projects, MRIC takes benefits of the skills of its highly educated engineers specialized in numerical modelling and an international network of consulting partners who are expert in different fields of Rock Mechanics and Geomechanics.

The numerical code DISROC, used by MechaRock, is dedicated to hydromechanical behaviour of fractured rocks. Access to the internal structure of the DISROC allows MRIC to model phenomena that other commercially diffused codes can not take into account.

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